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The pioneering Oprah Winfrey once stated,

"For every one of us who succeeds, its because there's somebody there to show us the way..."

I stand with this philosophy regarding vocal talents that will contribute to future generations of great artists. Since my days as a graduate student, I have committed a great deal of my time and expertise to schools, colleges, and universities, as a vocal teacher and coach.

As a musician of the global majority, I celebrate the opportunity to cultivate music students and act as a bridge between academia and the professional world. I have facilitated courses on several aspects of musicianship, including professional development, music business, artist branding, performance practices, and African-American literature.

I welcome the chance to delve deeper with you and the students of your institution and share my insights about making music your own.

Kisma has had the honor of working with the following institutions and organizations:

Bowling Green State University

Detroit Women's Chorus

Lansing Community College

Macomb County Community College

Michigan Opera Theatre

Peabody Preparatory

Wayne County Community College

Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME Detroit)

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